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Eastside Youth Education Scholarship (EYES)

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What is EYES?

EYES or Eastside Youth Education Scholarship, provides financial aid to students (First - Seventh grade) from families in financial need for after-school educational programs and day camps at the Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center. Keeping our eyes on every child’s future with God’s love is the goal of this scholarship!


Eastside Challenges Today

Our eastside families especially those who are already at a financial disadvantage are facing challenges because of fast-growing rental costs, property tax, fuel cost and highest inflation rate in the past 40 years. The significant cost increase on these very basic household items is forcing parents to restructure how they prioritize family spending. Often, the cost of the child’s education is at the top of the list to get cut or reduced to an absolute minimum. Some families are seriously considering relocation to other part of the country to make their ends meet, but they are reluctant to do so because of the high-quality education that eastside schools provide. Salvation Army at Eastside Corps and its volunteers would like to step up and provide help to children in need.


Where will your EYES donation go?

The Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center provides After-school programs throughout the school year and day camps in the Summer. The after-school program starts at $375/student per month. Your donation will go towards the tuition for our students.


What is in our after-school program?

The Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center provides After-school programs throughout the Bellevue School District year. Our programs consist of gym activities, homework help, computer lessons, and arts/crafts. We are currently picking up from 3 local schools. With your help, we can provide local students with a competitive afterschool program.


What is in our 2023 summer day camp?

The Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center provides summer day camp from 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday, from June to August. The summer program consists of a wide range of activities such as mathematics, coding, robotics, and arts/crafts for campers to learn and prepare for the following school year.



Sponsors will have their names published simply to be recognized by the love from the community regardless of the amount of donation. The names will be placed by when the donation was made, not by the amount. This is an annual scholarship to align with children’s school programs.

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