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2022 Summer Day Camp Image

2022 Summer Day Camp

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Eastside Youth Education Scholarship (EYES)

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9 unique themes over 9 exciting weeks of summer

What to expect?


From 8:30 AM to 5 PM, each week will have different themed activities to look forward to! Messy art, Legos, and group experiments, as well as a full gymnasium and playground. Plus a short walk away to local parks! Your children will not want to go home!

Each day will have a different superhero, leading up to the best superhero of them all, Jesus Christ!

The Olympics may be over, but over here we are just getting started! Each day is a new challenge, striving to bring home the gold.

Time is fleeting, but not for very much longer! This week, the kids will explore each era of time, from the Medieval Times to the Future!

In space, no one can hear you scream (of excitement) as we explore the beyond the stars!

This week is about different animals, and how each one is unique under God's Eyes! Includes a Field Trip to the Zoo!

Explore the world with us as each day is a different region of the world, its culture, food and way of living!

Explore what God had created, as this week we will delve into the beautiful outdoors. Includes a Hike at the end of the week!

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of water! We sail the mighty seas in search for treasure and do a few activities along the way!

The Seasons have gotten mixed up, and now each day we participate in different seasons as we wrap up Day Camp!

Field Trips

During the Summer, we have many field trips planned, including a free trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, KidsQuest, the movies, and many more! Keep in touch with our staff for more planned fieldtrips.

Water Park

Each Wednesday, the kids will be going to the water park at Crossroads Park. Make sure to have everything they need for outside, including sunscreen and a towel.

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